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Transclude a list of open requests from the Wikipedia Requests service.

Based on the parameters used when transcluding the template, Reports bot will generate a list at a standardized page name. This page is automatically transcluded when you transclude this template. If the page is not generated yet there is a "coming soon" message. No additional work is needed on your part.

Note that regardless of the actual number, the bot will only post ten requests at a time. In the future you will be able to specify a custom limit. There is a link to full results built into the template.


Get all of the open requests from Category:Living people:

{{Wikipedia Requests|category=Living people}}

Get all of the open requests for the article Wikipedia:

{{Wikipedia Requests|article=Wikipedia}}

Get all of the open requests tagged for WikiProject Biography

{{Wikipedia Requests|wikiproject=WikiProject Biography}}

More features, including set comparisons, in the future.

Technical notesEdit

Pages generated by Reports bot are saved as subpages of this template. You can check them at Special:PrefixIndex/Template:Wikipedia_Requests.