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The {{WikiProject Ships}} project banner template should be added (not subst:ed) to the talk page of every article within the scope of the project. While the template does not require any additional parameters, it has a number of optional ones that help WikiProject Ships evaluate the quality of articles. Note that the template accepts "Y" or "y" in addition to "yes". The full syntax is as follows:

{{WikiProject Ships
<!-- B-Class 5-criteria checklist -->
<!-- B-Class-1. It is suitably referenced, and all 
major points have appropriate inline citations. -->
<!-- B-Class-2. It reasonably covers the topic, and 
does not contain obvious omissions or inaccuracies. -->
<!-- B-Class-3. It has a defined structure, including 
a lead section and one or more sections of content. -->
<!-- B-Class-4. It is free from major grammatical errors. -->
<!-- B-Class-5. It contains appropriate supporting materials, 
such as an infobox, images, or diagrams. -->

A more compact version with the most commonly used parameters is as follows:

{{WikiProject Ships|class=|B1=|B2=|B3=|B4=|B5=}}
  • small – "yes" if the banner should be rendered in its miniature size; this should be used sparingly and only on crowded talk pages for the time being.
  • class – a rating of the article's quality; see the quality scale for more details. If an article has an existing quality rating by WikiProject Military history, you may use that assessment directly if you agree. (WikiProject Ships and WikiProject Military history each recognize the quality ratings assigned by the other.) Before copying the quality rating from WikiProjects other than WikiProject Military history, consider how they assess their articles. If you are not sure of the quality rating, you may leave it blank. Templates, Categories, and Images, along with pages in the Wikipedia (Project), User, and Portal namespaces are automatically assessed by the template.

B-Class checklist (available only for articles rated as "Start-Class", "C-Class", or "B-Class", and must be completed to allow either a "C-Class" or "B-Class" rating—see the assessment department for more details):

  • importance – Importance ratings were disabled by the project in September 2009.
  • needs-infobox – Will display a notice on the article talk page if the article either has no infobox or has an outdated or subst:ed one. (See Infobox ship begin for the current infobox and usage information.) Values accepted are:
    • "yes" if the article is missing an appropriate infobox
    • "new" if it has an old or subst:ed infobox that need to be replaced with the current one

Please review the WikiProject Ships Assessment process.

Multiple projects

If there are three or more project banners for an article, use {{WikiProject banner shell}} to encapsulate all the project banners.

{{WikiProject banner shell|1=
  {{WikiProject Military history|class= |Maritime=yes}}
  {{WikiProject Ships|class=|B1=|B2=|B3=|B4=|B5=}}
  {{WikiProject Shipwrecks|class= |importance=}}

Also, if the article is considered a biography of a living person, use the "|blp=yes" parameter.