Template:WikiProject Cycling/doc


Just add {{WikiProject Cycling|class=|importance=}} to the top of the talk pages of any Cycling related articles, placing them automatically into Category:WikiProject Cycling articles. Additional parameters include:

{{WikiProject Cycling
 |class         =
 |importance    =
 |needs-infobox =
 |mtb           =
 |mtb-imp       = 
 |tdf           =
 |tdf-imp       =
 |attention     =
 |small         = 
 |listas        = 

Optional parametersEdit

Unused parameters may be omitted or left blank. Parameters are not case-sensitive.


{{WikiProject Cycling |class = stub |attention = yes |needs-infobox = yes |mtb = yes |mtb-imp = top |tdf = yes |tdf-imp = C }}

The above banner describes a stub-class article about some mountain biking-related article. The article is apparently of top importance to mountain biking. In addition, the banner indicates the article needs attention and an infobox.