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You can use named or unnamed parameters. The first three parameters are required; the fourth is optional. The parameters are (in order):

Unnamed parm number named parameter description
1 url The URL of the page
2 title The title text to show
3 lang The source language's ISO 639-1 code
4 dlang (optional) The language to translate into (ISO 639-1 code)


The code

{{webtrans|http://www.toshiseibi.metro.tokyo.jp/seisaku/gyomu/gyomu.pdf|Merger proposal|ja}} 

gives Merger proposal (in Japanese) (Translate to English: Google, Bing).

The code

{{webtrans|url=http://www.example.com/?parm=val|title=Merger proposal|lang=de}} 

gives Merger proposal (in German) (Translate to English: Google, Bing).

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