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It seems this template is placed on talk pages by the CopyToWiktionaryBot, of which last edit was done in May 2008.

This template adds articles to Category:Transwikied to Wiktionary.

Please do not put this template at the top of the talk page of glossary articles, or articles containing glossaries, as a banner, where it will simply add to "tag soup" in a way that does not help readers or editors. Feel free to put it inside a new message on the talk page. If CopyToWiktionaryBot has top-tagged a glossary talk page with this template, it should be refactor into a message attributed to the bot, with the bot's original edit's timestamp.

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Wiktionary link templates
Template Alias Explanation
{{Wiktionary}} {{wikt}} Makes a box.
{{Wiktionary pipe}} {{wtp}} Ditto. Allows a piped link.
{{See Wiktionary}} A disambiguation hatnote type. Useful if the article title is a generic name, but the content differs from it. For example, Tryout is an article about a journal, and this template is used to link to "tryout" page in Wiktionary.
{{Wiktionary-inline}} {{wti}} Can be used in the "External links" section, by making a one-line navigator. Not inline in the usual sense.
{{Wiktionary redirect}} {{wtr}} Makes a soft redirect.
{{Wiktionary category 2}} {{wtc}} Similar to {{wikt}}, but links to a category in Wiktionary.
{{Wiktionary category}} Ditto, more verbose type.
{{Linktext}} Turns each of consecutive words into an Wiktionary link, or any other interwiki / interlang link. Example: {{linktext|táłtłʼááh|adijiłii}}  →  táłtłʼááh adijiłii
{{wt}} Links to a language-specific section of a Wiktionary entry. Deprecated (discussion log).
{{wikt-lang}} Applies a language tag to a word, and links to that language's section of the Wiktionary entry on the word, much like the {{m}} and {{l}} templates on Wiktionary. For instance, {{wikt-lang|en|be|was}} yields was, and is equivalent to {{lang|en|[[wikt:be#English|was]]}}.

Moving a non-encyclopedic entry to Wiktionary:


Wiktionary-related userboxes:

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