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Updating the information on the translation

The translation process normally involves the following stages: "Request," "In Progress," "Proofreaders Needed," and "Completed Translation."

It is, of course, possible to backtrack to the previous stage (if you have decided to not continue translating, for example). It is also possible to skip a stage, especially if you want to start translating an article you chose immediately; in this case, you would skip the request stage by not putting it on the page for the current month's requested translations.

To pass from one stage to another, you must:

  • modify the parameters of the progress made on this page, and
  • put the {{Wikipedia:Translation/Instructions}} banner, which will take care of all the rest, in the right place.

Note : if, in a particular situation, you think that the template takes up too much space, you can use the following syntax instead :

{{Wikipedia:Translation/Instructions| Parameter = hide }}

The table below shows all the steps needed for each stage:

Stage Parameters to modify {{Wikipedia:Translation/Instructions}}
Stage 1:
Translation Request
It starts at the creation of the page and involves the following parameters:
  • {{Translation/Information|language code|original name of the article to be translated|name of the translated article (in English)}}
  • Interest
  • Comment
  • Requested By
Stage 2:
Translation in Progress
  • Stage ==> 2
  • Translator-s ==> ~~~
  • Proofreading_progress => 0
  • Permanent_link => [URL ~~~~~][1]
  • Comment ==> you may post a new comment if you wish to do so
Stage 3:
Proofreaders Needed
  • Stage ==> 3
  • Translation_progress => 100
  • Comment ==> you may post a new comment if you wish to do so

Each time someone volunteers to proofread, he/she must modify the following parameters:

  • Proofreader-s ==> ~~~
  • Proofreading_progress ==> XX (percentage of proofreading done)
Stage 4:
Completed Translation
  • Stage ==> 4
  • Proofreading_progress ==> 100

Please add the following to the bottom of the article to follow GFDL norms:

{{Translation/Ref|Language|Source|oldid=parameter of the permanent link}}

Example : {{Translation/Ref|fr|Liberté|oldid=12133757}}

The last template is to be used to mention the source of a translation from another Wikipedia (again, to respect GFDL norms):

  1. ^ Explanation : If the translation takes a while, the original article risks having changed quite a bit throughout, making the translation and eventual proofreading problematic.

    You can avoid this problem thanks to the Permanent link function, which appears in the toolbox at the lower left of every page.