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TolkienStar.png The Tolkien Barnstar
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This WikiProject's award, also known as; The Middle-earth WikiProject Award, Barnstar of the Dúnedain, The Barnstar of Eärendil, and by various other names, is awarded to Wikipedians for their contributions to Wikipedia stuff related to J. R. R. Tolkien. Neither recipients nor presenters need be members of the Middle-earth wikiproject. Discussion leading to the creation of this award can be found here.


To use this template, add {{subst:Tolkien barnstar|1=Put your message here. ~~~~}} to the talk page of the user to whom you wish to award it. Optional parameters:

border - sets the color of the border around the award (default: gray)
color - sets the color of the background of the award (default: #FDFFE7)
name - sets the displayed name of the award (default: The Tolkien Barnstar)