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Ancestral taxa
Domain: Eukaryota  [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Amorphea  [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Obazoa  [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Opisthokonta  [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Holomycota  [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Zoosporia  [Taxonomy; edit]
Kingdom: Fungi  [Taxonomy; edit]
Subkingdom: Dikarya  [Taxonomy; edit]
Division: Ascomycota  [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Saccharomyceta  [Taxonomy; edit]
Subdivision: Pezizomycotina  [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Leotiomyceta  [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Dothideomyceta  [Taxonomy; edit]
Class: Lecanoromycetes  [Taxonomy; edit]
Subclass: Lecanoromycetidae  [Taxonomy; edit]
Order: Rhizocarpales  [Taxonomy; edit]
Family: Rhizocarpaceae  [Taxonomy; edit]
Genus: Catolechia  [Taxonomy; edit]

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Parent: Rhizocarpaceae [Taxonomy; edit]
Rank: genus (displays as Genus)
Link: Catolechia
Extinct: no
Always displayed: yes (major rank)
Taxonomic references: https://www.catalogueoflife.org/data/taxon/3JJC
Parent's taxonomic references: https://www.catalogueoflife.org/data/taxon/FPN