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{{subst:Smile|Beginning signature|Ending signature}}

  • Parameter 1 (optional): Beginning signature
  • Parameter 2 (optional): Ending signature

Note: it is important to subst, because if the template is entered simply as {{smile}}, the name shown before the words "has smiled at you!" will be that of the last user to post on the page, not the user who left the message.


  • Recipient - Automatically changes to the User Name of the person you're giving the smile to.
    • (Recipient is the User Name of the talk page where the template is being placed.)
  • Example User - Your User Name.
    • Wikipedia will automatically enter Your User Name, when BOTH optional parameters are removed (See first example}.
    • Wikipedia will also automatically enter Your User Name, if you type either ~~~ or ~~~~.
  • {{subst:Smile}}

  • {{subst:Smile|[[User:Example User]]}}

  • {{subst:Smile|~~~}}

  • {{subst:Smile|[[User:Example User]]|~~~~}}

  • {{subst:Smile|~~~|~~~~}}

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