Template:Simple biography

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Used to create in-line short versions of {{biography}} including an age at death calculation.


The template takes 5 parameters:

{{Simple biography|article|yob|yod|text|name (optional)}}

|article= Wikipedia page name of person
|yob= year of birth
|yod= year of death
|text= information about the person
|name= name to be displayed if the article name is disambiguated


{{Simple biography|Hugh Owen Thomas|1834|1891|considered the father of orthopaedic surgery in Britain}} creates Hugh Owen Thomas, b. 1834, d. 1891 (aged 56), considered the father of orthopaedic surgery in Britain

{{Simple biography|John Hunter (surgeon)|1728|1793|Scottish surgeon|John Hunter}} creates John Hunter, b. 1728, d. 1793 (aged 64), Scottish surgeon