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This template uses <section> tags to selectively transclude labeled sections of text from one article page into another. In this context, the term section does not refer to the standard ==Section header==. Instead, section refers to the portion of the source article that will be transcluded into the destination article.

A chosen section of text in the source article is wrapped inside {{section}} and given a label that identifies that section. In the destination article, {{section}} is placed where the source text, will go. This template includes the name of the source article and the label that identifies the selected text.


To define the section, use these parameters on the page to be transcluded from:

{{section |title=title |content=content}}
  • title: Title of the section; must be unique on the page
  • content: Content of the section

To transclude a section or range:

{{section |page=page |title=title }}
{{section |page=page |title=title |title_end=title_end}}
  • page: Name of page transcluding from
  • title: Title of the section
  • title_end: Title of the end section

To transclude the entire page except for a section with optional text replacing the skipped sections:

{{section |pagex=pagex |title=title}}
{{section |pagex=pagex |title=title |text=text}}
  • pagex: Name of page transcluding from
  • title: Title of the section to be excluded
  • text: Text replacing the skipped sections

Other options:

  • anchor: Adds an HTML anchor and moves the page down 3 em so that any section heading shows
Set |anchor=title to set the anchor to 'title'

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