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Displays the English Wikipedia's current picture of the day (POTD) in a box of no more than 600 pixels wide, without the blurb (explanatory text).

It is also possible to create your own custom POTD layouts, in case the already-existing versions will not look good within your user page design. Mix and match the following components to make your own. This system will only work for POTDs selected beginning January 1, 2007. Be sure to replace [date] with an appropriate date value. For a dynamically updating version, use {{#time:Y-m-d}} (example: {{POTD/{{#time:Y-m-d}}|image}}).

Template Description Renders as
{{POTD/[date]|image}} The name of the image, without the File: prefix Eugene F. Kranz at his console at the NASA Mission Control Center.jpg
{{POTD/[date]|size}} The size of the image, without the trailing px 380
{{POTD/[date]|caption}} The image caption (blurb) Gene Kranz (born August 17, 1933) is an American aerospace engineer, former fighter pilot, and retired flight director and manager for NASA. Kranz served as NASA's second chief flight director, directing missions of the Gemini and Apollo programs, including the first lunar landing mission, Apollo 11. He is best known for directing the successful efforts by the Mission Control team to save the crew of Apollo 13; he was later portrayed in the major motion picture of the same name by actor Ed Harris. He is also noted for his close-cut flattop hairstyle and the dapper "mission" vests (waistcoats) of different styles and materials made by his wife, Marta Kranz, for his flight director missions.

This picture, taken in 1965, shows Kranz at his console in the Mission Operations Control Room, Mission Control Center, Houston, during a simulation to prepare for the Gemini 4 mission.

{{POTD/[date]|title}} A link to the article the image represents Gene Kranz
{{POTD/[date]|texttitle}} A linkless short caption, also useful as an alt attribute Gene Kranz
{{POTD/[date]|credit}} The credit line of the image, including the medium (e.g. photograph, painting) Photograph credit: NASA; restored by Adam Cuerden

There are two additional predefined layouts:

  • {{POTD/{{#time:Y-m-d}}|column}}: This has the image and caption above each other with no borders. Used on some of the Main Page alternatives and also suitable for user pages.
  • {{POTD/{{#time:Y-m-d}}|row}}: This has the image and caption encapsulated in (usually) a single table row. This is the version used on the current Main Page.

It is also possible to permanently feature a POTD for a selected day. Just add a specific value for the date you want. For example, today's POTD is {{POTD/2019-08-17|image}}. Likewise, you can use date parameters with the other templates as well. If you like the pre-made formats, you can use date parameters there as well, like this: {{Pic of the day|date=2019-08-17}} or {{POTD|date=2019-08-17}}. Again, this system will only work for POTDs selected beginning January 1, 2007.