Template:Old CfD/doc


{{Old CfD
| section = section name
| date    = YYYY Month Day
| action  = e.g. deletion, merging
| result  = e.g. keep, delete, no consensus

All parameters are optional except |date=.

  • |section=: the name of the discussion section on the CFD page. Default is the name of the category itself.
  • |date=: the date on which the discussion started. If it was February 7, 2006, the parameter would look like |date=2006 February 7.
  • |action=: what the nominator suggested. Default is "deletion". Having this parameter equal to "deletion", "merging", or "renaming" will provide a relevant wikilink.
  • |result=: outcome of the discussion. Default is keep. Do not bold this parameter by surrounding it with triple quotes; the template already does this.


{{Old CfD|section=Category:Humor|date=2008 October 7}}

{{Old CfD|section=Category:Computing|date=2014 August 14|action=merging|result=merge}}

{{Old CfD|section=Category:Blackouts|date=2010 August 20|action=renaming|result=rename}}

Legacy functionalityEdit

Some functionality is present in the template for legacy reasons. It's deprecated, so you shouldn't have to worry about it in most situations.

  • |name= specifies the title (header) of the discussion to link to; available as an alternative to using |section= or the unnamed parameter.
  • |usercat=: as WP:UCFD has now been merged back into WP:CFD, this parameter is deprecated and should not be used.
  • |date= formerly suggested the format |date=YYYY|Month|Day, which was changed due to being non-standard.

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