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This template will categorise tagged files into Category:Wikipedia files with the same name on Wikimedia Commons or Category:Wikipedia files with a different name on Wikimedia Commons. If the files are reviewed they will be categorised into Category:Wikipedia files reviewed on Wikimedia Commons.



Same filename on Wikimedia Commons:

  • {{subst:Now Commons}}

New filename on Wikimedia Commons:

  • {{subst:Now Commons|NEW FILENAME.ext}} or {{subst:Now Commons|File:NEW FILENAME.ext}}


  • {{Now Commons|FILE|MULTIPLE|date=19 July 2019|bot=BOT|reviewer=REVIEWER}}

All parameters are optional:

  • If FILE (|1=) is omitted, the page name is used as the image name. If not it is assumed that the file on Commons has the same name as the file on English Wikipedia.
  • If MULTIPLE (|2=) is "yes", the template text is changed to indicate multiple messages.
  • If |date= is used the image is categorized in a subcategory matching the relevant date. It is possible to use dates like 2010-07-01 and 20100601023255. The date will be automatically added if the template is substituted: {{subst:Now Commons|...}}.
  • If |bot= is used the template shows a warning to "Be careful. This file is tagged by a bot (normally BotMultichillT). Be sure to check the file at Commons before deleting this file."
  • If |reviewer= is used then the file is marked as reviewed on Commons. That means that a user has checked that file has been transferred correct etc. See more at this page.


  • {{Now Commons|1=Crow-Hassan Park Reserve 030527.jpg|2=no|date=2010-07-01|reviewer=SomeUser}}
  • {{Now Commons|File:Assistive Listening Device FM350.jpg|date=20100601023255|bot=BotMultichillT}}

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