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This template can be used to create a Non-free United States Government license notification


{{Non-free USStateGov|XX|type=type|disclaimer=disclaimer|override_wrong_license=arbitrary text}}
  • XX is the two letter abbreviation for the state
  • type can be either
    default or blank – for the default disclaimer
    employee or emp – for work created by a state employee
    education or edu – for work which has an educational/research exception
  • disclaimer – is any free-form text which needs to be appended

Using this template for works from the states of California and Florida causes this template to automatically transclude {{Wrong license}}, as not all works from these states are non-free per Template:PD-CAGov and Template:PD-FLGov. Use override_wrong_license to override it; the parameter content can be any text.


Code Result
{{Non-free USStateGov|GA}}
{{Non-free USStateGov|AK|type=emp}}
{{Non-free USStateGov|CT|type=edu}}

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