This template {{Needtrans}} provides standardized text for those posting translation requests at Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English. In use, this template is substituted {{subst:}} rather than transcluded.

{{subst:Needtrans |pg=ArticleName |language=language |orig=xx:Foreign article |comments= }} ~~~~


  • pg - name of article on English Wikipedia
  • language – name of language, fully spelled out. If omitted, will result in Unknown.
  • orig (optional) – A 2 or 3-letter language code, followed by a colon and the name of the article on the non-English Wikipedia.
  • comments (optional) – Free text. Anything placed here will be appended to the rendered text.


A simple example:

{{subst:Needtrans|pg=Nuclear submarine|language=French}} ~~~~


Nuclear submarineEdit

The initial language of this article was French.

====[[Nuclear submarine]]====
The initial language of this article was {{{language}}}.

Another example, using the optional orig param:

{{subst:Needtrans|pg=Nuclear submarine|language=French|orig=fr:Sous-marin nucléaire|comments=Free text.}} ~~~~

generates the following, including a foreign inline link to the original article:

====[[Nuclear submarine]]====
The original French article is [[fr:Sous-marin nucléaire]]. Free text. /your signature/

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