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Added to userpages (or even to templates like {{banned user}}), this warns passersby (especially those not familiar with how Wikipedia works) not to assume that a name they recognise is actually connected to a person they know. It is designed to reduce the "labelling" impact of designating user accounts as banned or blocked, which may have real-world effects on a user's reputation or cause them to believe that it will. Besides any possible real-world effects or distress, such concerns might also encourage disruptive sockpuppetry.

The template is particularly appropriate for cases of sanctioned user accounts that are or appear to be real names, but may also be appropriate for others, as they may be internet handles used elsewhere.


{{Namewarning}} shows a basic note. By default it refers to the name of the user whose userspace it is placed in and warns about associating the user account with anyone by that name.

{{Namewarning|NAME|RESOURCE}} replaces the default name with NAME and the text "user account" with RESOURCE, allowing for a more flexible disclaimer.

{{Namewarning||RESOURCE}} (note empty first parameter) replaces the text "user account" with RESOURCE, but uses the default name.