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Template documentation


The name "mwarn" is short for "meta-warn". Also, it was created by GracenotesT (here), whose real name starts with an "m". Any other theories are welcome.

When to use

This template provides a quick way of warning a user, mostly during RC patrol. It is not a warning template in itself. It takes another warning template (such as {{uw-test2}}, {{vw}}, and {{uw-spam4im}}, and other things in the user warning template category) and formats it. Before you use mwarn, make sure that you are familiar with the warning guidelines at Wikipedia:Vandalism#Warnings. So, it produces "a well-constructed warning message at an effective speed."

Mwarn does not allow you special privileges or exemption from policy or guidelines. The consequences for its abuse are the same as the consequences of abuse of other warning templates.

Remember, there are no angry mastodons. If your pulse is going through the roof from reverting and warning, reverting and warning, etc., you may need to cool off. Always consider assuming good faith if the intent of the editor is not clear.

You can enhance your use of the template in real time by reading through WP:UTM.

How to use

You absolutely MUST substitute this template.

Or else, ugliness will result. Well, that being said, the general format is:



  • 1 is the template name. The template must exist.
  • 2 is the page name, which is optional (depending on the template)

Remember to assume good faith, and avoid biting latently good contributors.