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This template adds a long hidden comment to the page, in order to increase the length of the page. This ensures that the page is not listed near the top of Special:ShortPages, which allows that page to be used to find new or unnoticed short articles that may need to be formatted or deleted. It also adds the page to Category:Monitored short pages.

Use {{subst:long comment}} on very short articles (smaller than about 200 characters) which are legitimately that short, for example very short set index pages or articles consisting only of {{wiktionary redirect}}.

Place the template below all content in the short article, including disambiguation templates. The long comment is removed by User:Bot1058 (task 5) when a page goes over 550 bytes, except for pages with long comments not conforming with the string produced by the template.

The template should not be used on pages that are already assured of not appearing on ShortPages, i.e. redirects and disambiguation pages.

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