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Supported modules = About, About us, Alerts, Article alerts, Article Alerts, Partners, Partnerships, Discussions, Events, External Links, External links, Links, Maps, Metrics, News, Offline App, Press, Recent changes, Recent Changes, Recognized content, Recognized Content, Related Projects, Related WikiProjects, Requests, Research, Resources, Showcase, Tasks, Tools, Translations, Watchlist, Worklists.

The 'Discussions' module loads an automated list of recent talkpage discussions within the project's scope. 'Alerts', 'Showcase', and 'Related WikiProjects' also load automated modules. All other modules require manual input.


{{Load WikiProject Modules
| title = WikiProject Ghana
|intro=A [[Wikipedia:WikiProjects|WikiProject]] to better organize articles on [[Ghana]] in a spirit of co-operation. It includes within its scope all articles related to Ghana, its cities, geography, transportation, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Ghana in a fair and accurate manner.
|image=[[File:Flag of Ghana.svg|150px|alt=Flag of Ghana]]
|module7=Related WikiProjects

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