This template is intended to provide easy and consistent linking between a teacher on the List of music students by teacher, and their teachers, to be found at the top of the teacher's section on the list.

The citation(s) supporting these claims are to be found in the section linked to. In case an explicit local reference is wanted for the content of this template, it can be given as the value for the |ref=<ref>ref callout</ref> parameter. Do not add reference callouts to the hidden content as this will cause unresolved backlinks in the References section.

The content is hidden to save space and improve searchability.

One teacher
  • {{LMSTT|Stravinsky|Nadia|Boulanger}}


  • this teacher's teachers
    Stravinsky studied with teachers including Nadia Boulanger.
Two teachers
  • {{LMSTT|XXX|A-first|A-last|B-first|B-last}}


Three teachers
  • {{LMSTT|XXX|A-first|A-last|B-first|B-last|C-first|C-last}}


Eleven teachers
  • {{LMSTT|XXX|A-first|A-last|B-first|B-last|C-first|C-last|D-first|D-last|E-first|E-last|F-first|F-last|G-first|G-last|H-first|H-last|I-first|I-last|J-first|J-last|K-first|K-last}}


  • this teacher's teachers
    XXX studied with teachers including A-first A-last, etc.

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