Gap in route
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This is a template for generating an entry in a junction list or exit list when there is a gap in the route.


Complete variable list:

{{jctgap |col= |type= |text= }}

For the above parameters, here's what you should fill in:

  • col: number of columns the cell needs to span. Default is 5.
  • type: use to specify a shading for that junction's row. The two permitted types are:
    • closed: for gaps caused by sections removed from the highway
    • unbuilt: for gaps caused by unbuilt highway sections
    • Note: the default text cannot be used if a color is set. MOS:RJL requires colorized rows to have some explanation for the color.
  • text: custom text if desired.

Any parameter which is empty can be omitted.

See also

  • {{jctint}}, a related template for road junctions
  • {{jctbridge}}, a related template for bridge or tunnel crossings