Use this template to mark radiocarbon dates in articles where is not clear whether the date has been calibrated. For boxes that can be placed at the top of an article or section, see Template:Clarify radiocarbon calibration.

How to respond to this tag edit

Check the cited source to verify whether the date is calibrated or not and clarify if as appropriate. Calibrated radiocarbon dates are denoted with cal BP or BC/BCE in scientific literature. Uncalibrated dates may be reported as uncal BP, bp (lowercase), or ka. BP usually refers to calibrated dates, but can be ambiguous in some contexts (e.g. older sources on palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic archaeology).

Individual radiocarbon dates reported in Wikipedia articles should generally match the format given in their sources. Do not attempt to calibrate an uncalibrated date yourself, as this is original research. It may be appropriate to convert calibrated BP dates to the BC/BCE calendar to maintain consistency within an article (but never uncalibrated BP).

If you cannot find a source for the date, replace this tag with {{citation needed}} or remove it.

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Pages with this template are added to Category:Articles that do not specify whether all their radiocarbon dates are calibrated or not (2)

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