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{{Infobox NCAA soccer rankings
| year =
| gender =  
| image = 
| image_caption = 
| preseason_number_1 = 
| ncaa_champions = 


* denotes a required field

Parameter Explanation Example
year* The year of the start of the season. 2007
gender Default is men's
image An image for the rankings in that season if there is one. Follow Wikipedia guidelines. [[File:Bad Title Example.png|200px]]
image_caption A caption for the image, if provided Image of the 2007 season final United Soccer Coaches Poll.
preseason_number_1 The team ranked No. 1 in the pre-season AP Poll. [[North Carolina Tar Heels men's soccer|North Carolina]]
ncaa_champions The name of the team that won the NCAA Championship (the last game in the NCAA Tournament) for that season. [[Stanford Cardinal women's soccer|Stanford]]

Example 1Edit

{{Infobox NCAA soccer rankings
| year = 2007
| image = [[File:Bad Title Example.png|200px]]
| image_caption = Image of the 2007–08 season final NSCAA Poll.
| preseason_number_1 = [[UC Santa Barbara Gauchos men's soccer|UC Santa Barbara]]
| ncaa_champions = [[2007 Wake Forest Demon Deacons men's soccer team|Wake Forest]]

Example 2Edit

{{Infobox NCAA soccer rankings
| year = 2009
| gender = women's
| image = [[File:Bad Title Example.png|200px]]
| image_caption = Image of the 2009 season final NSCAA poll.
| preseason_number_1 = [[North Carolina Tar Heels women's soccer|North Caorlina]]
| ncaa_champions = [[Notre Dame Fighting Irish women's soccer|Notre Dame]]