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Customized usage

  • {{IPA affricates|audio=yes}} – shows audio samples
  • {{IPA affricates|class=infobox}} – shows as an infobox
  • {{IPA affricates|style=margin: auto;}} – appears centered
  • {{IPA affricates|caption=}} – hides the main frame (or enter a preferred caption after =)
  • {{IPA affricates|ejectives=no}} – hides the ejectives
  • {{IPA affricates|notes=no}} – hides the footnotes
  • {{IPA affricates|class=mw-collapsible}} – appears collapsible
  • {{IPA affricates|class=mw-collapsible mw-collapsed}} – appears collapsed

When editing this template, make sure it works not just by itself but also with the options above.

Audio versionEdit

The audio version is optimized for use as an infobox and has fewer symbols: