This template is used to display an infobox on a coat of arms or heraldic achievement horizontally across the page, as opposed to the vertical template in {{Infobox emblem}}. The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article and then filling in the desired fields. Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be displayed.

Blank syntax


Only the name and image fields are required, all other fields are optional. Badge fields are conditionally required depending on number displayed.

Blank template with all parameters

{{Emblem table
| name = 
| image = <!--ExampleCoatofArms.svg -->
| imagesize = 
| notes = 
| year_adopted = 
| coronet = 
| crest = 
| torse = 
| helm = 
| escutcheon = 
| supporters = 
| compartment = 
| motto = <!-- Non-English mottos should be ''italicized'' -->
| orders = 
| other_elements = 
| bannerimage = 
| banner = 
| badgetitle = <!-- Bolded title displayed in table for badge, not required for first badge -->
| badgeimage = <!-- Required for first badge -->
| badge = 
| badge2title = <!-- Bolded title displayed in table for badge, required for second badge -->
| badge2image = <!-- Required for second badge -->
| badge2 = 
| badge3title = <!-- Bolded title displayed in table for badge, required for third badge -->
| badge3image = <!-- Required for third badge -->
| badge3 = 
| symbolism = 
| previous_versions = 
| other_versions = 

Example 1

Coat of arms of William, Prince of Wales outside Scotland
The coat of arms of the Prince of Wales, as used outside Scotland, is the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom with the addition a three-pointed label and an inescutcheon bearing the arms of Wales. For the arms of the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, see royal coat of arms of Scotland.
Upon the royal helm the coronet of the Prince of Wales, thereon a lion statant guardant Or crowned with the coronet of the Prince of Wales
Quarterly first and fourth Gules three lions passant guardant in pale Or armed and langed Azure second Or a lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure within a double tressure flory counterflory third Azure a harp Or stringed Argent, with over all a label of three points Argent, and on an inescutcheon ensigned by the coronet of the heir-apparent, quarterly, Or and Gules four lions passant guardant counterchanged, ensigned by the coronet of his degree.
Dexter a lion rampant guardant Or imperially crowned proper, sinister a unicorn Argent, armed, crined and unguled Or, gorged with a coronet Or composed of crosses patée and fleurs de lys a chain affixed thereto passing between the forelegs and reflexed over the back also Or
(German for "I serve")
The Order of the Garter ribbon.
(French for "Shame be to him who thinks evil of it")
Other elements
The whole differenced by a plain label of three points Argent, as the eldest child of the sovereign
Dexter Badge—Prince of Wales's feathers
A plume of three ostrich feathers argent enfiled by a royal coronet
Sinister Badge—Red Dragon of Wales
On a mount vert a Dragon, passant gules, differenced with a label of three points argent
Center Badge—Arms of the Duke of Cornwall
Sable, fifteen bezants, five, four, three, two and one
As with the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom. The first and fourth quarters are the arms of England, the second of Scotland, the third of Ireland. The inescutcheon represents Wales.

Example 2

Coat of arms of Pope Francis
Pope Francis's initial grant of arms by the Holy See was as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, when he was Cardinal Bergoglio, in which the depiction of the Star and Spikenard were tinctured Argent.
Following his election as Pontiff these are now tinctured Or. The first version of His Holiness' arms released by the Vatican Press Office depicted a five-pointed Star from Bergoglio's archiepiscopal version, but upon election as Pope his coat of arms assumed an eight-pointed star with the representation of the spikenard also being suitably differenced.
18 March 2013
Not applicable to prelates
Bishop's mitre
Azure on a Sun in Splendour Or the IHS Christogram ensigned with a Cross Paté fiché piercing the H Gules all above three Nails fanwise points to centre Sable, and in dexter base a Mullet of eight points and in sinister base a Spikenard flower Or
Other elements
Keys of Peter behind HH's shield and Papal mantling
(On the shield) Jesuit emblem: In reference to Francis being a Jesuit, the uppermost charge on the shield is the emblem of the Society of Jesus. This charge displays a radiating sun within which is the monogram of the Holy Name of Jesus in red, with a red cross surmounting the H and three black nails below the H. Eight-pointed star: a long-standing symbol of the Virgin Mary. Spikenard alias nard: this flower represents Saint Joseph; in Hispanic iconographic tradition St Joseph is often depicted holding a branch of spikenard.

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