Hello, you seem to have used the {{helpme}} tag to request unblocking, but that tag is generally more appropriate for questions regarding how to use, browse, or edit Wikipedia. If you haven't already, please consider using the {{unblock}} template -- {{unblock|reason to request unblocking}}. Administrators will be able to find your page and review the circumstances of your block, even if it has been reviewed. You can also discuss the situation with the blocking administrator over email, or find other administrators to email here. You can also join the #wikipedia-en-unblock IRC channel or use the Unblock Ticket Request System to request unblocking. Please bear in mind that most of the users responding to helpme requests are not administrators. Thank you, and good luck.

This template is intended for use as a reply to helpme requests used to ask for unblocking. This version is intended to use when the user didn't use the {{unblock}} template already. If it is not the case, consider using {{helpme-unblock2}}.

Please remember to subst this template, or you will leave an error message.

This template is a self-reference and so is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.