This template mirrors the one on German Wikipedia called de:Vorlage:Höhe for interpreting height data based on a range of systems. It is currently being used on English Wikipedia to assist translation of hundreds of articles, e.g. on railway lines, mountains, rivers and other geographical features that record the heights based on standard German, Austrian or Swiss reference points.

The template contains world-wide datum information and could be used for any topographical purpose, to show heights above and below a particular datum. However, at present it will only translate height information based on German, Austrian or Swiss height reference systems into English, the rest should work but would appear in German.


An example of the basic format is: {{Höhe|611|DE-NHN|link=true}}, which results in the statement "611 m above sea level (NHN)".

If the parameter |link= is set to "true", it produces a link to the definition of the vertical datum. In this case Normalhöhennull.

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