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Use this template on an article's talk page whenever a member of the Guild of Copy Editors reviews an article for which a copyedit has been requested, but determines that a copyedit is not appropriate due to the need for further cleanup or writing. Relevant cleanup tags should be added to the article, in place of the {{copyedit}} tag, to indicate the necessary changes.
{{GOCEreviewed |user= |date= |small= |issues= }}


  • |user= The name of the user who reviewed the article, without linking or including the User: prefix.
  • |date= The date that the review was conducted.
  • |small= Answer "yes" to make the template into a sidebar as another way to save space.
  • |issues= Optional parameter, adds the line
    Please address the following issues as well as any other cleanup tags before re-tagging this article with copyedit: your issues go here
    to the bottom of the message.
  • |category= SHOULD NOT NORMALLY BE USED Answer "no" to prevent the page from appearing in Category:Articles reviewed by the Guild of Copy Editors (usually when the template is being used as an example).

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