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Template:Find sources notice incorporates the styling of the talk page message box meta-template {{Tmbox}} and the coding of the template {{Find sources multi}} to provide an easy way to tag an article talk page namespace with Google links to potential sources for the article. It allows up to ten searches in the message box, and each search can have up to five search terms. Per Wikipedia:EL#Links normally to be avoided, this template should not be used in article namespace.


Searching works the same way for each of the ten searches. The first parameter for each search is the main search term, which will be treated as a literal string if multi-part (e.g. Albert Einstein will be searched as the single string "Albert Einstein" not "Albert" and "Einstein" separately).

Optional subsequent parameters (up to 4) are additional search terms. They can be enclosed in double quotation marks, preceded by an unspaced - (hyphen) to exclude them from the search results, or both (e.g. -"Marilyn Monroe" to exclude matches containing the phrase "Marilyn Monroe", but not either name by itself, from the search results). You do not need to add -wikipedia, as the template automatically does this for you. Also, there is no need to add words in plural form unless irregular, as the search interface will match (for example) billiards as well given a search term of billiard.

If no parameters are given, only one search is made and the name of the article is passed as the search string. Note that this may or may not be desirable with disambiguated article names (if the Wikipedia disambiguator is sensible, however, it may actually help refine the search results). In addition, Google News can be set to return only free news articles; see #Parameters for implementation details.

Search engines

The template includes links to the following search engines:

  • Google, the flagship search engine from Google Inc.
  • Google News, Google's search engine for news sites.
  • Google Newspapers, a search of Google's print newspaper archive
  • Google Books, Google's search engine for books.
  • Google Scholar, Google's search engine for academic papers and other scholarly research.
  • JSTOR, an online library containing digitised versions of academic journals. Requires a subscription.
  • Google Images, Google's search engine for images. Only images compatible with Wikipedia's licensing are included.


Default search
{{Find sources notice}}
Custom search
{{Find sources notice|custom search term}}
Complex search
{{Find sources notice|search term 1|search term 2|search term 3|search term 4|search term 5}}
Two searches
{{Find sources notice|search1=search 1|search2=search 2}}
All parameters
Show all parameters
{{find sources notice
| small         = 
| free          = 

| 1             = 
| 2             = 
| 3             = 
| 4             = 
| 5             = 

| search2       = 
| search2_2     = 
| search2_3     = 
| search2_4     = 
| search2_5     = 
| search2_free  = 

| search3       = 
| search3_2     = 
| search3_3     = 
| search3_4     = 
| search3_5     = 
| search3_free  = 

| search4       = 
| search4_2     = 
| search4_3     = 
| search4_4     = 
| search4_5     = 
| search4_free  = 

| search5       = 
| search5_2     = 
| search5_3     = 
| search5_4     = 
| search5_5     = 
| search5_free  = 

| search6       = 
| search6_2     = 
| search6_3     = 
| search6_4     = 
| search6_5     = 
| search6_free  = 

| search7       = 
| search7_2     = 
| search7_3     = 
| search7_4     = 
| search7_5     = 
| search7_free  = 

| search8       = 
| search8_2     = 
| search8_3     = 
| search8_4     = 
| search8_5     = 
| search8_free  = 

| search9       = 
| search9_2     = 
| search9_3     = 
| search9_4     = 
| search9_5     = 
| search9_free  = 

| search10      = 
| search10_2    = 
| search10_3    = 
| search10_4    = 
| search10_5    = 
| search10_free = 


Parameter name Parameter aliases Description
small Toggles the message box from standard size to small if |small=yes.
free If |free=yes is added, Google News will only return free as in beer search results for all searches. To set only for individual searches, use the searchn_free parameters.
1 search1, search1_1 The main search term for the first search. This parameter may be referenced either implicitly or explicitly - see below.
2, 3, 4, 5 search1_2, search1_3, search1_4, search1_5 Additional search terms for the first search. Each of the five unnamed parameters may be referenced implicitly or explicitly. For example, |3= typically will be referenced implicitly by putting the value (such as |pqr ) in the third position among the unnamed parameter definitions. Alternatively, |3= may referenced explicitly, such as with |3=pqr.
searchn searchn_1 The main search term for the nth search. For example, search2 is the main term for the second search, search3 is the main term for the third search, etc. The maximum value is search10.
searchn_n Additional search terms for the nth search. For example, search2_2 is the second search term for the second search, search2_3 is the third search term for the second search, search3_2 is the second search term for the third search, and search3_3 is the third search term for the third search. The maximum value is searchn_5. This means that the maximum value for the maximum search number is search10_5.
searchn_free If this parameter is set to "yes", then Google News will return only free (as in beer) search results for the nth search. For example, if |search1_free=yes, all the Google News results from the first search will be free. If |search2_free=yes, then all the Google News results from the second search will be free, and so on. The maximum value is search10_free.


Default search
Code {{find sources notice}}
Custom search
Code {{find sources notice|Albert Einstein}}
Complex search
Code {{find sources notice|Albert Einstein|physics|-"Marilyn Monroe"|relativity|science}}
Two searches
Code {{find sources notice|search1=Albert Einstein|search2=Marilyn Monroe}}
Two complex searches
Code {{find sources notice|Albert Einstein|physics|-"Marilyn Monroe"|relativity|science|search2=Marilyn Monroe|search2_2="Clark Gable"|search2_3=screenplay}}
Two searches, both using free Google News results
Code {{find sources notice|search1=Albert Einstein|search2=Marilyn Monroe|free=yes}}
Two searches with only the second using free Google News results
Code {{find sources notice|search1=Albert Einstein|search2=Marilyn Monroe|search2_free=yes}}
Ten searches
Code {{find sources notice|search1=Search 1|search2=Search 2|search3=Search 3|search4=Search 4|search5=Search 5|search6=Search 6|search7=Search 7|search8=Search 8|search9=Search 9|search10=Search 10}}

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