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Sometimes, a template asks for you to enter a wikilink to a page, and it's so sure that you want to wikilink a page that it even includes the opening and closing brackets ([[...]]) for you. How kind! Except that you, being your unorthodox self, don't want to enter a wikilink. What to do? That's where this template comes in. Just enter the text you actually want as the first unnamed parameter, and voilà, watch the brackets disappear before your very own eyes!

red-outlined triangle containing exclamation point Warning: Please don't abuse your newfound power. Unless it's clear that modifying the template itself would be inappropriate (e.g. adapting it for an April Fools prank), it's nearly always better to modify the template itself to handle your desired use case.


Consider the code {{Redirect|Foo||Foobar}}, which produces this:

Foobar is automatically linked. However, if we want to instead say "the Foobar", without linking the the, it appears impossible. Use this template to get around the issue with the code {{Redirect|Foo||{{escape page link from within|the [[Foobar]]}}}}, which produces this:


{{Escape link}}


Nullifies opening and closing brackets, allowing you to input custom non-linking wikitext where a link is expected

Template parameters


The content you want to enter instead of a link


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