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Use the following code and insert "yes" in front of the correct parameters pertaining to the clauses of non-free content criteria with which you say the image does not comply. Include all those that apply.

{{Di-fails NFCC |date= |1= |2= |3a= |3a-instances= |3b= |4= |5= |6= |7= |8= |9= |10a= |10b= |10c= }}

Tagged images are automatically added to the appropriate daily subcategory of Category:Disputed non-free Wikipedia files and templates are provided for warning the uploader and tagging the image's caption with a deletion warning.

If the image is replaceable by text, or by a free image that exists or could be created, which would serve the same encyclopedic purposes.
If the image is used in a manner that conflicts with the market role of the original copyrighted media.
If multiple non-free images are being used when one would suffice.
Name of the files already in use that render this file redundant.
If an entire work is being used when a portion or a reduced-size copy would suffice.
If the work has not been previously published outside Wikipedia.
If the image does not meet Wikipedia's content standards, or is unencyclopedic.
If the image does not meet the image use policy.
If the image is under a claim of fair use but is not used in any articles.
If the image does not significantly increase readers' understanding of the topic, and its omission would not be detrimental to that understanding.
If the image is used in non-article pages, including disambiguation pages, and non-article namespaces either other than or in addition to articles and article namespaces.
If the source and copyright holder are not both attributed.
If the image lacks a copyright tag or detail of which Wikipedia policy provision is claimed to permit its use.
If there is no detail of the name of each article on which the image is used, or the image is missing a separate, specific, and relevant fair-use rationale in clear, plain language for each use.