Icons to show fluctuationEdit

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TemplateData for Decrease

This is one of a series of templates to display an increase or decrease arrow icon. Increase {{Increase}} = {{IncreasePositive}} = {{Gain}} = {{Profit}} is a green up arrow. Decrease {{Decrease}} = {{DecreaseNegative}} = {{Down}} = {{Loss}} is a red down arrow. Steady {{Steady}} = {{Nochange}} is a flat line for no change. Where the quantity involved should be minimized (e.g. road accidents), use Negative increase {{IncreaseNegative}} and Positive decrease {{DecreasePositive}} instead, which flip the colors. Where the quantity involved is neither color, use Neutral increase {{IncreaseNeutral}} and Neutral decrease {{DecreaseNeutral}}.
Tooltip text1
Changes the text displayed on hover.
Defaults to something appropriate to the chosen template, such as "Increase".

Format: inline