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Template:Check temperatures

Check temperatures Ni: no input for C, K, F.

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In general, this template compares input temperatures against calculated temperaturtes. When three values are entered for a single value (say boiling point) units K, °C, °F, we can calculate and check two temperatures (calculate K and F from the C value). These pairs (input K & calculated K; input F & calculated F) should be the same.

This template was created to be used in {{Infobox element}} (talk). It has details that may be difficult to transport to other templates.

  • Todo: sigfig (see vanadium: 1910 °C).




K from C = {{convert|{{{Kin|0}}}|C|K|disp=number|comma=off }}
F from C = {{convert|{{{Kin|0}}}|C|F|disp=number|comma=off }}

Has sublimation point temperatures:

As, C, P.

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