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This template will display a pie chart of your importance assessment data, that belong to a particular WikiProject. The syntax is as follows:

{{Articles by Importance Pie Graph


  • |topic= (required) - set so that the quality categories are: "Foo-Class topic articles".
  • |full= (optional) - if set to yes it will show full legend. By default, only the categories with articles show in the legend.
  • |Core=, |Top=, |High=, |Mid=, |Low=, |Bottom=, |No=, |NA=, or |Unknown= (optional) - if set to a standard or HTML5 web color it will change the appropriate importance rating. By default, they are set to the standard importance rating colors.



{{Articles by Importance Pie Graph|topic=Cheeses}}

will result in:

Full LegendEdit

By using the |full= with yes, you can show the entire legend - even if there are no articles in the categories.

{{Articles by Importance Pie Graph|topic=Cheeses|full=yes}}

will result in:

Different ColoursEdit

By using the |Core=, |Top=, |High=, |Mid=, |Low=, |Bottom=, |No=, or |NA= with a web color, you can change the chart color.

{{Articles by Importance Pie Graph|topic=Cheeses|Top=black|High=#FFC0CB|Mid=#c5405b}}

will result in:


This template came from an idea first created by User:Kopiersperre on Version 1.0 Editorial Team's statistics page and was copied from {{Articles by Quality Pie Graph}}.

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