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This template is designed for use on disambiguation pages which only contain links to articles for airports having the same or similar names. It displays a notice on the page and includes it in Category:Airport disambiguation (a subcategory of Category:Disambiguation pages). It is similar in function to Template:Disambiguation which is used on general purpose disambiguation pages.


Airports only

A disambiguation page which contains only airport names should only use Category:Airport disambiguation. This can be done by adding the following at bottom of page:

{{Airport disambiguation}}

Airports and other pages

A disambiguation page containing both airport names and other entries should use Category:Disambiguation pages, but it can also include Category:Airport disambiguation. This can be done by using the new category parameters of the {{Disambiguation}} template, as follows:


That template supports up to 10 category parameters, so an existing disambiguation template can be updated by adding |airport. For example, {{Disambiguation|callsign}} would become:


The methods shown above sort the page within the category using either the page name or a key specified via {{DEFAULTSORT}}. If a different sort key is needed, the airport category can be added as follows:

[[Category:Airport disambiguation|''sort key goes here'']].


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