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This template displays an age appropriate for an infant: months and days up to one year, years and months up to three years, and years beyond.


{{age for infant|abbr= yes/no|YEAROFBIRTH|MONTHOFBIRTH|DAYOFBIRTH}}
  • abbr - if set to yes days are displayed as "dys", months as "mos", etc., etc. If set to no or undefined, the template displays normally.
  • DAYOFBIRTH - the day the infant was born
  • MONTHOFBIRTH - the month in which the baby was born
  • YEAROFBIRTH - the year the baby was born, in four digits
  • CMPDAY - the day to compare to, rather than the current day
  • CMPMONTH - the month to compare to, rather than the current month
  • CMPYEAR - the year to compare to, rather than the current year


Wikipedia's current date is 2021-05-12.

  • "{{age for infant|2021|4|11}}" gives "1 month 1 day" [1]
  • {{age for infant|2021|1|1|abbr=yes}} gives: 4 mos 11 days
  • "{{age for infant|2019|4|11}}" gives "2 years 1 month" [2]
  • "{{age for infant|2016|1|1}}" gives "5 years" [3]