Television services in the North African nation of Algeria commenced in 1956, when the country was a department of France, under French broadcaster RTF. Shortly after independence, both television and radio were taken over by Algerian Radio and Television (Radiodiffusion-Télévision Algérienne; RTA). Since then, television began to expand throughout Algeria, with more than 53,000 television sets in use in the country as of 1963, a year after independence.[1][2] Algeria is one of the first countries in Africa to publicly introduce television.

Television set with Algerian flag

The country was served with only one television channel, Télévision Algérienne, until 1994, the year when the French-language Canal Algérie was launched, also serving Algerian audiences residing in Europe and North America. This was followed by the launch of Algérie 3 in 2001, also serving Algerians in other Arab-majority nations. On 18 March 2009, the Tamazight TV and Al Quran Al Kareem channels were launched.[3]

Most-viewed channels edit

Viewing shares, January 2015:[4]

Position Channel Group Share of total viewing (%)
1 Algérie 3 Établissement public de télévision 15.5%
2 Ennahar TV Groupe Ennahar 13.3%
3 Echourouk TV 13.1%
4 Nessma TV Karoui & Karoui World 10.2%

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