Televisa Deportes

TUDN (formerly Televisa Deportes) is a division of the Mexican television broadcaster Televisa that produces sports programming for Las Estrellas, Canal 5, Nueve, Foro TV and the TUDN TV channel.

TUDN Logo.svg
Previous logo of Televisa Deportes, used until July 2019

On July 20, 2019, Televisa Deportes was renamed TUDN, in a rebranding which Televisa Deportes Network TV channel also changed its name, along with Univision Deportes programming division and UDN TV channel in the United States. The new branding is a combination of abbreviations TDN and UDN, but the first two letters are also pronounced as the Spanish adjective "tu" (your), allowing the name to also be read as "Tu deportes network" ("Your sports network"). TUDN will be promoted as a multi-platform brand, and there will be closer collaboration between the Mexican and American counterparts—allowing for expanded studio programming in the morning and daytime hours (to bolster its expansion into European soccer with its recent acquisition of UEFA rights, and existing content such as Liga MX soccer).[1][2]

Broadcast rightsEdit

Televisa is the TV rights holder of sports events such as Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, Mexican soccer league, UEFA Champions League, NFL and MLB Playoffs.


  • La Jugada (Sunday night)
  • Mas Deporte (Sunday morning)
  • Super Sabado (Saturday night)
  • Accion (Sunday afternoon)

Notable personalitiesEdit



  • Alfredo Tame
  • Andrés Vaca
  • Antonio Gomez Luna
  • Enrique Bermudez
  • Emilio Fernando Alonso
  • Francisco Javier González
  • Francisco "Paco" Villa
  • Marco Cancino
  • Jorge Sanchez
  • Raul Perez



  • Alejandro de la Rosa
  • Ana Caty Hernandez
  • Xavi Sol


  • Adrian Esparza Oteo
  • Diego Medina
  • Karina Herrera
  • Mafer Alonso
  • Vladimir Garcia


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