Teleposta Towers

The Telposta Towers was the Third tallest building in Nairobi, Kenya. It is now 7th. [1]The building is 120 meters or 394 feet in height. Situated down Kenyatta Avenue in the heart of the city, it was completed in 1999[2] after being started in 1996. Covering 27 floors and housing Telkom Kenya[3] Kenya's Ministry of Information and Communications and Kenya Ministry of Trade are based in the building. The building was designed by Anthony Gleeson and constructed by Laxmanbhai Construction.[4]

Teleposta Towers

Relative Heights in Kenya, NairobiEdit

Now just the 7th tallest building in Kenya, behind the Britam Tower, UAP Old Mutual Tower, Times Tower, Prism Tower, Le'Mac, and Parliament Tower. When completed in 1999, it was the third tallest. It is 120 metres tall. Or 394 ft. The building has 24 floor above ground.[3]

Power and ServicesEdit

Like most buildings with access in Kenya, power is provided by the monopoly power company, Kenya Power and Lighting Company. Standby Power is provided by two diesel generators, one providing power for the building services, the other for the fire pumps. Both diesel generators were provided from the UK by Welland Power and are still functioning today.

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