Telecommunication Tower Aarhus

Telecommunication Tower Aarhus
Structure Type
Antenna Height
Building Uses
Building Status
Tower, Guyed Mast
325 m above the sea
FM-transmission, directional radio
Built & Active

Telecommunication Tower Aarhus (Danish Søsterhøj Antennen, Søsterhøj Senderen or simply Søsterhøj), is a radio and television transmission tower in Aarhus, Denmark. It is the main transmission antenna in all of Aarhus. The tower is situated on the top of the hill of Søsterhøj (112 metres above sea level) in the neighbourhood of Skåde, in the district of Højbjerg.

The construction of Telecommunication Tower Aarhus began in 1956, and it was finished later that same year. The tower and mast reach 216 m tall, with the tower itself at 65 metres.

Telecommunication Tower Aarhus has been noted worldwide for its relatively unusual use of concrete as a construction material for the tower supporting the long wired mast.

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Coordinates: 56°05′55″N 10°13′01″E / 56.09861°N 10.21694°E / 56.09861; 10.21694