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Tehran Provincial League, formerly known as Tehran Clubs Championship is the premier football league of Tehran Province and is 5th in the Iranian football pyramid after the 3rd Division. It is part of AFC's Vision Asia program.

Tehran Province league
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid5
Promotion to3rd Division
Relegation toTehran Province league 2
Domestic cup(s)Hazfi Cup
TV partnersIRIB

Stablished in 1920,[1] it is the oldest football league still being held in Iran. Tehran Clubs Championship used to be Tehran's and Iran's top flight until 1973[2] when Takht Jamshid Cup was established for the first time. During the 1970s Tehran clubs championship lost its importance and almost all of Tehran's top club participated in Takjt Jamshid Cup.

The Iranian revolution in 1979 put a stop to all football leagues and cups in Iran for a season and 1979–80 season was left unfinished to crowd violence in a friendly match between Tehran's greatest rivals Esteghlal and Persepolis. In the 1980s due to the Iran-Iraq War no national league was held until the end of the war in 1988 and, as a result, Tehran clubs championship again was Iran's and Tehran's top flight and almost all of the stars of Iranian football and members of Team Melli played in this league.

The 1990-91 season was the last season that Tehran's top clubs participated in this league and the next season they joined the newly established Azadegan League and hence Tehran clubs championship faded away and turned to 4th level of Iranian football pyramid and later on with the establishment of Iranian pro league in the 2001-02 season to the 5th level of Iranian football pyramid.



Stablished in 1920, when for the first time there was a football competition in Persia, for the first decade, the cup consisted of a few Iranian clubs including Iran Club, Bank Shahi and an English club of British expats living in Tehran. in 1930s, Iran's most successful team was Tofan[3] and in the 1940 Shahin and Daraei emerged as new rivals for Tofan, In 1946 Tehran’s cycling club established a football team, which changed its name to Taj in 1949 and replaced Ṭofan as one of Tehran’s top three clubs.

Prior to this year no national league was held in Iran and each province of Iran had a separate local league for themselves and football clubs from Tehran used to participate in this league. For more than half a century Iran's and Tehran's most important clubs including Taj, Shahin, Daraei among others had a fierce rivalry over dominance of Tehran Clubs Championship which ended in dissolution of Shahin and Daraei in 1967 and 1968 respectively.

In the 1980s and due to Iran - Iraq war no national championship was held in Iran so Tehran provincial football league was the most important event in Iranian football calendar.[4]


Tehran Club, champions of 1935–36
Daraei, champions of 1974–75

First TierEdit

Year Winner Runners-up Third-Place Top scorer (club) (goals) Reference
1922–1923 British Expatriate Tehran Club Iran Club
1924–1925 Bank Shahi
1925–1926 Iran Club Bank Shahi
1927–1928 Tehran Club British Expats of Tehran Club
1928–1929 Was not held [5]
1932–1933 Tofan
1933–1934 Tofan Shoa
1934–1935 Tadyoun Shoa
1935–1936 Tadyoun
1936–1937 Tadyoun
1937–1938 Tehran Club
1938–1939 Tofan Sport
1939–1940 Sarbaz
1941–1942 [6]
1942–1943 Sarbaz Niknam
1943–1944 Daraei Tofan [7]
1944–1945 Tofan
1945–1946 Unfinished [8]
1946–1947 Sarbaz Docharkhehsavaran Shahin [9]
1947–1948 Daraei Tofan [10]
1948–1949 Daraei Shahin
1949–1950 Docharkhehsavaran Shahin
1950–1951 Was not held
1951–1952 Shahin Taj
1952–1953 Taj [11]
1953–1954 Nader FC Nirooye Havaei
1954–1955 Shoa Nirooye Havaei
1955–1956 Was not held
1956–1957 Taj Shahin
1957–1958 Taj
1958–1959 Shahin Taj
1959–1960 Taj
1960–1961 Taj [12]
1961–1962 Daraei
1962–1963 Taj
1963–1964 Was not held
1964–1965 Unfinished
1965–1966 Shahin Daraei PAS
1966–1967 PAS Daraei
1967–1968 Daraei
1968–1969 Taj
1969–1970 Paykan Taj PAS [13]
1970–1971 Taj Persepolis PAS
1971–1972 Persepolis
1972–1973 Taj Oghab Pas Hasan Ebrahimi (Taj) (11)

Second TierEdit

Year Winner Runners-up Third-Place Top scorer (club) (goals) Reference
1973–1974 Homa Butan Ararat
1974–1975 Daraei
1975–1976 Shahbaz Eghbal Naft
1978–1979 Akam Kesht va Sanat Sanaye Nezami

First TierEdit

Year Winner Runners-up Third-Place Top scorer (club) (goals) Reference
1979–1980 Left unfinished due to crowd violence in Esteghlal Persepolis friendly match
1980–1981 Left unfinished due to Iran-Iraq War [14]
1981–1982 Homa Persepolis Bank Melli Naser Mohammadkhani (Homa) (11)
1982–1983 Persepolis Esteghlal Ekbatan Ali Parvin (Persepolis) (15) [4]
1983–1984 Esteghlal Persepolis Bank Melli Naser Mohammadkhani (Persepolis) (13) [4]
1984–1985 Left unfinished due crowd violence in Persepolis-PAS match
1985–1986 Esteghlal Shahin Homa Karim Bavi (Shahin) (9)
1986–1987 Persepolis Shahin Esteghlal Farshad Pious (Persepolis) (7)
1987–1988 Persepolis Daraei Ekbatan Farshad Pious (Persepolis) (16)
1988–1989 Persepolis Daraei Ekbatan Farshad Pious (Persepolis) (13)
1989–1990 Persepolis Esteghlal Pas Ali Asghar Modir Roosta (Pas) (14)
1990–1991 Persepolis Esteghlal Pas Farshad Pious (Persepolis) (16)
1991–1992 Esteghlal Persepolis Pas Farshad Pious (Persepolis) (16)

Third TierEdit

Year Winner Runners-up Third-Place Top scorer (club) (goals) Reference
1992–1993 Saipa Keshavarz Bank Tejarat Ali Daei (Bank Tejarat) (21)
1993–1994 Bank Tejarat Ararat Bank Melli
1994–1995 Fath Rah Ahan Fajr Sepah
1995–1996 Gostaresh Keshto Sanat
1996–1997 Homa Fajr Sepah Moghavemat
1997–1998 Mohemat Sazi Payam
1998–1999 Sanaye Defa' Bargh
1999–2000 Niroye Zamini Vahdat
2000–2001 Keshti Rani Bonyad Shahid

Fifth TierEdit

Year Winner Runners-up Third-Place Top scorer (club) (goals) Reference
2003–2004 Dorna Fajr Talash
2004–2005 Naft Sanaye Parchin Entezam
2011–2012 Persepolis B [15]
2014–2015 Kimia Farayand Bahre Bardari Parseh [16]
2015–2016 Nazaja Parag Bahman Javan [17]
2016–2017 Damash Tehran Oghab Gol Abrisham [18]
2017–2018 Moghavemat Alton Shahin Sazeh [19]


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