Tedim Township

Tedim or Tiddim Township (Burmese: တီးတိန်မြို့နယ်) is a township in Tedim District of the Chin State of Myanmar (Burma). The administrative centre for the township is the town of Tedim. Tedim is the most populous township in Chin State.

Tedim Township
Location in Tedim District
Location in Tedim District
Coordinates: 23°23′N 93°42′E / 23.383°N 93.700°E / 23.383; 93.700Coordinates: 23°23′N 93°42′E / 23.383°N 93.700°E / 23.383; 93.700
Country Myanmar
StateChin State
DistrictTedim District
townshipTedim Township
Administrative centreTedim
Time zoneUTC+6:30 (MST)


There are 55 village-tracts and 132 villages as of 2011.[1] Major villages include (with village census id number):[2]

  • Akluai (217947) in Laibung Village Tract
  • Buanman (164716) in Buanman Village Tract
  • Dakdungh (164733) in Buan Village Tract
  • Laibung (164736) in Laibung Village Tract
  • Laaitui (164670) in Laaitui Village Tract
  • Mualbeem (164730) in Mualbeem Village Tract
  • Tuisau (164737) in Laibung Village Tract
  • Tuithang (164680) in Tuithang Village Tract
  • Tuizang (164735) in Vingpi Village Tract
  • Tungzang Village (164681) in Tungzang Village Tract
  • Vangteh (164726) in Vangteh Village Tract
  • Vingpi (164734) in Vingpi Village Tract


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