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Tectonic Plates is a 1992 independent Canadian film directed by Peter Mettler. Mettler also wrote the screenplay based on the play by Robert Lepage. The film stars Marie Gignac, Céline Bonnier and Robert Lepage. The title of this film was created in terms of a metaphor, as it signifies the evolution of human life and the geology of human behavior.[1]

Tectonic Plates
Directed byPeter Mettler
Produced by
Written by
Music by
Running time
106 min
LanguageEnglish and French


Plot summaryEdit

Madeleine (played by Marie Gignac) is studying art in Montreal, Canada. When her beloved professor (played by Robert Lepage) disappears, Madeleine decides to kill herself in the romantic setting of Venice. However, drug addict Constance (played by Céline Bonnier) dissuades her. Meanwhile, the professor has moved to New York, where he becomes a successful transvestite talk show host under the name of Jennifer.




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