Tecate Divide

The Tecate Divide is a mountain ridge in southeastern San Diego County, California, running in a north-south direction on the southeast fringe of the Cuyamaca Mountains. It reaches an altitude of 4,239 feet (1,292 m),[1][2] and passes between the towns of Live Oak Springs to the west[1] and Boulevard, California on its eastern slope.[3]

Tecate Divide
Elevation4,239 feet (1,292 m)
LocationSan Diego County, California
RangeCuyamaca Mountains

The divide is crossed by Interstate 8 at an altitude of 4,140 feet (1,260 m).[3][4]

The Tecate Divide is also a highway summit on Interstate 8. It is the fourth 4,000 feet (1,200 m) highway summit east ward of San Diego through the Cuyamaca Mountains. The first highway summit had been unnamed until "Carpenter Summit" was proposed in late 2019, now pending with the United States Geological Survey. The second is Laguna Summit and the third is Crestwood Summit.[4]

The name "Tecate" is used for several other place names in southeastern San Diego County and across the border in Mexico, most notably for the city of Tecate.[3]


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