Teatro dell'Aquila, Fermo

The Teatro dell'Aquila is the town's opera house Located on Via Mazzini in Fermo, region of Marche, Italy.

Interior of the theater

The building was built starting in 1780 and completed in 1790, was based on designs by Cosimo Morelli; the prior theater, located in what is now the Sala dei Ritratti in the Palazzo dei Priori and built of wood, had burned in a fire. The first performance here was in 26 September 1790. The theater has 124 boxes over five orders tall. The ceiling frescoes were completed by Luigi Cochetti, and depict The Gods of Olympus, including Jove, Juno, three graces, and six Nightime hours (dancing) listen to the Song of Apollo. The theater curtain was also painted by Cochetti, and depicts Armonia che consegna la cetra al genio fermano. Other paintings now in the entrance, were painted in 1830 by Alessandro Sanquirico. The theater underwent restoration in 1997.[1] The Teatro dell'Aquila now takes part in presenting performances by the Rete Lirica delle Marche.[2]


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