Rapper Lil Wayne with teardrop tattoos below his eyes

The teardrop tattoo or tear tattoo is a symbolic tattoo of a tear that is placed underneath the eye. The teardrop is one of the most widely recognised prison tattoos[1] and has various meanings.

It can signify that the wearer has spent time in prison,[2][3] or more specifically that the wearer was raped while incarcerated and tattooed by the rapist as a "property" mark and for humiliation, since facial tattoos cannot be concealed.[4][5][6][7]

The tattoo is sometimes worn by the female companions of prisoners in solidarity with their loved ones.[8] Amy Winehouse had a teardrop drawn on her face in eyeliner after her husband Blake entered the Pentonville prison hospital following a suspected drug overdose.[9]

It can acknowledge the loss of a friend or family member: North American rappers The Game and Lil Wayne have teardrop tattoos signifying the death of friends[10] and basketball player Amar'e Stoudemire has had a teardrop tattoo since 2012 honoring his older brother Hazell Jr., who died in a car accident.[11]

In West Coast gang culture (USA), the tattoo may signify that the wearer has killed someone[12][13] and in some of those circles, the tattoo's meaning can change: an empty outline meaning either the wearer attempted murder or that a fellow gang member or friend died and when filled in, the wearer sought revenge.[14][15]

Sometimes the exact meaning of the tattoo is only known by the wearer:[13][16] Portuguese footballer Ricardo Quaresma has never explained his teardrop tattoos nor whether they have been covered up, removed via laser surgery or simply weren't permanent is yet to be revealed.[17]

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