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Tayvallich (pronounced TAY-vee-AL-ich;[citation needed] Scottish Gaelic: Taigh a' Bhealaich [t̪ʰɤj ə ˈvjal̪ˠɪç]) is a small village in the Knapdale area of Argyll and Bute, in Scotland. The village name has its origins in Gaelic, and means the "house of the pass".[1] The village is built around a sheltered harbour on Loch Sween. It has a primary school, caravan park, pub and village store. The local economy is based on tourism and fishing. There is also a local bus service that takes the older children to nearby Lochgilphead where the nearest high school is situated. Tayvallich has become a popular sailing centre. During the summer months a ferry (RIB) operates from Tayvallich to Craighouse, Jura, six days a week.[2]


Tayvallich is split into two areas; Carsaig and Tayvallich. Loch Sween cuts northeast into the Knapdale Peninsula and the western shore of the loch forms a smaller peninsula. Towards the north end of this peninsula an isthmus is formed about a kilometre wide and the east side has an almost landlocked bay which is where Tayvallich is located and the west side of the isthmus is Carsaig Bay. A road now links Tayvallich and Carsaig.


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