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Taurida Oblast (Russian: Таврическая область, Tavricheskaya oblast′) was an oblast (province) of the Russian Empire. It roughly corresponded to most of the Crimean peninsula and parts of the Southern Ukraine regions. It was created in 1783 out territories of the Crimean Khanate. In 1796 it was merged into the Novorossiya Governorate.

Taurida Oblast

Таврическая область
Political statusOblast
RegionSouthern Russia

Officially the oblast was created under the Imperial ukase of 13 February 1784 signed by Catherine the Great. The administrative seat of the region was declared the city of Simferopol. Before 1784 Qarasuvbazar served as a temporary administrative center.

Administrative structureEdit

The oblast was divided into seven counties (uyezd).

  • Dnieper county – centered in Aleshki (Oleshky)
  • Levkopol county – centered in Levkopol (Feodosiya)
  • Melitopol county – centered in Melitopol (since 1791 in Great Tokmak)
  • Perekop county – centered in Perekop
  • Phanagoria (Tmutarakan) county – centered in Phanagoria
  • Simferopol county – centered in Simferopol
  • Yevpatoria county – centered in Yevpatoriya.

In 1787 Levkopol and Levkopol county were renamed into Feodosiya and Feodosiya county respectfully. In 1791 an administrative seat of Melitopol county was moved to Great Tokmak.

On 12 December 1796 the oblast was liquidated, its territory was redivided into two counties (Aqmescit (former Simferopol) and Perekop) and passed to the Novorossiysk Governorate. The city of Simferopol was changed to Aqmescit.


Coordinates: 45°02′N 38°58′E / 45.033°N 38.967°E / 45.033; 38.967