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Tatung Company (TWSE: 2371) (Tatung; Chinese: 大同股份有限公司; pinyin: Dàtóng Gǔfèn Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) is a multinational corporation established in 1918[1] and headquartered in Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan.[2]

Tatung Company
Public (TWSE: 2371) since 1962-02-09
Industry Computer hardware
Home appliances
Founded 1918
Headquarters Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan
Key people
Weishan Lin, Chairman of the Board, General Manager
Products Personal computers, LCD TVs, home appliances, and others
Revenue Increase NT$ 43.072 Billion (2007)
(US$ 1.351 Billion)



Tatung designs and manufactures an array of digital consumer products, including personal computers, liquid crystal display televisions, plasma displays, network-connected devices, storage-based media players, videophones and home appliances. Tatung also produces products for business computing, such as Tablet PCs, blade servers and wireless thin clients. Tatung has power and energy businesses in the industrial sector and is one of the world's biggest producers of cables (electric cables, telephone cables etc.).

Among its broad range of products are: air conditioners, AC motors, transmissions/reducers, inverters/frequency converters, ventilators, liquid rheostat, marine use and land use diesel generator sets, hydraulic generator sets, castings, magnets, precision CNC lathes, milling machines, compressors, medical equipment, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, refrigerators, electric fans, microwave ovens, blenders, toasters, oxygen concentrators, low frequency stimulators, wrist sphygmomanometers, ear thermometers, earphones, loudspeakers, information network systems, digital engineering systems, and PBX systems.[1]

A Tatung TWN-5213 CU tablet running PC Native Oberon.

Tatung manufactures PC hardware on an OEM basis for a number of hardware companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Acer and Dell. It continues to make products such as televisions and music players for the European market. Other industrial categories in which it is involved are "publishing, horticulture, and industrial coatings".[3]

Tatung has ten factories in Taiwan,[3] three factories in China, one in Mexico and one was in Plzeň (Pilsen), Czech Republic (the Pilsen plant was suddenly left in the 2014 with debt to suppliers). Tatung also maintains a regional headquarters in Long Beach, California for the U.S. market. Other regional offices are in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Spain. The regional office in Czech Republic was suddenly closed in 2014. Worldwide, the company employs 20,000 people.[3]


The company was founded by Lin Shan-Chih (zh) as the Shan-Chih Business Association in 1918.[3] After a few decades as a construction firm, its leader retired with the significant pronouncement of the company's future role in partnering with educational institutions to promote the trades, stimulate professional growth, and to provide and train a skilled workforce.[3]

Tatung created the Tatung Einstein 8 bit home computer in the 1980s, developed and assembled in the UK. Starting in the mid-1990s, Tatung was a manufacturer of SPARC-based workstation and server systems compatible with the Solaris operating system.

In 2006, Tatung established the factory in Plzeň, where were produced all of its LCD TVs for the European market. In 2014 Tatung left the plant in Pilsen (Czech Republic) with debt to suppliers. Formerly, from 1998, Tatung's European head office had been located in Wijchen, Netherlands, where it produced LCD TVs and computers. Before that, Tatung had a factory in Bridgnorth near Wolverhampton, in the United Kingdom, during which time it sponsored the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC before moving in the late 1980s to the Stafford Park industrial estate in Telford.

In September 2009, Tatung opened a retail outlet that sells flat panel TVs directly from its factory. Both the retail store and factory are located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


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